Omaha, NE & Gretna, NE

Platte Valley Presbytery - Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

“New Heavens and New Earth”

November 19, 2014 ()

Bible Text: Revelation 21-22 |


1. Creation Restored
- new heavens and earth (v. 1)
-make all things new (v. 5)
-no annihilation
-not heaven without earth
-talking about God down here not us up there!!!

2. God with man
-dwelling place of God with man (v. 3)
-dwell with them
-will be his people
-wipe away every tear
-no death, mourning, crying, pain
-I will be their God and he will be my son
-God is the temple
-God himself is the light

3. Garden to City
-Old made new and yet different
-progress--> work matters
-take work seriously
-Kings of earth bring their glory (what is your glory you will take into new earth)
-nations (not just America)
-God and the city