Omaha, NE & Gretna, NE

Platte Valley Presbytery - Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

October 1, 2014

Image and Identity: Made for Relationship With One Another

Passage: Genesis 2:4-24, 4:1-8
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Intro: Review

1. Made for relationships
-man is alone
-not good
-lord makes helpers-->none found
-lord makes woman

2. Made for deep intimacy
-naked and unashamed
-leave and cleave
-leave family cleave to one another

3. Intimacy broken by sin
-hiding and covering
-poetry to blameshifting
-doesn't stop there-->Cain kills Abel

4. What Now?
-still made for relationships
-still made for deep intimacy
-harder now bc of sin
-what is the depth of your relationships with others?
-not easy...but it's worth it
-devil wants you to be alone-->don't fight alone
-don't go into battle by yourself-->go with a platoon with a company with a brigade
-me and john/mike