Omaha, NE & Gretna, NE

Platte Valley Presbytery - Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

October 22, 2014

Image and Identity: Buried and Raised with Christ

Passage: Romans 6:1-14
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Romans 6:1-14
"Who am I?"

1) buried w/ Jesus in baptism (1-7)
-died to sin in baptism
-dead to sin now in Union w/ Christ
-no longer enslaved sin
- it no longer reigns over us
-we are now alive to christ

-before--> dead to Christ and dead in sin
-now-->alive in Christ and dead to sin
-slave have no choice
-sons and daughters have choice/privilege
-"if I'm dead to sin why do I still do it?"
-cannot not sin
-can not sin
-cannot sin

2) raised w/ Jesus (8-11)
-newness of life now w/ Christ
-sure hope of resurrection in future
-new life now, not just later

3) "What's my purpose?" (12-14)
-don't let sin reign in your life
-under grace
-don't go back to your slave master
-live as free people who have a new life

-pray God would show you error and awfulness of your sin
-see consequences of sin and turn from it to righteousness
- rest in baptism, union with Jesus in his death and resurrection that you are dead to sin and alive now and forever with him in glory where there will be no sin or death